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Rituel Performance Rope
Copyright Nathalie Mondot 2017


Caritia has participated in number of projects, arranging from conceptual, theatre, dance and voice, as well as the mediums of film, photography and performances. She is happy to offer consultations services for kink, bdsm or rope aspects of any project. And is available for creative collaborations, residencies and exhibitions.


Caritia Artist Coach Dominant
Copyright Rene de Sans 2015


Caritia is solely a dominant, who does not switch, as she derives great pleasure from exploring the Dominant/submissive dynamic with those interested in finding out more about their passive, masochistic, submissive and/or shadow nature.


Caritia Coach and Workshop Facilitator
Copyright Permission 4 Pleasure 2015


Caritia gives consultations and training. In this space no dominance takes place, this is about sharing her knowledge on bdsm, kink, ritual and the possibilities for growth and self empowerment within that context. She offer basic practices and tools to help guide you to where you wish to go. The choices, rituals and intentions will be all personal to you.